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Writing Tips from Bestseller Fiction Authors

Writing Tips from Bestseller Fiction Authors If you want to accomplish a goal, there is no better way to prepare than to follow the advice of someone who has already reached that exact goal. The same is true for publishing bestselling fiction novels. Although each author has their own process for getting there, here are some indispensable tips from bestselling fiction authors to help you get there faster.Read everything you can lay hands on. I always advise people who want to write a fantasy or science fiction or romance to stop reading everything in those genres and start reading everything else from Bunyan to Byatt.Michael MoorcockThis one is a common tip from multiple authors. You cant be a good writer without first having read whats out there. This applies to books that are in the same genre youre writing, as well as other books that are considered classics in the literary world (theres a reason they became classics). Reading within your own genre insures that you have a good understanding of whats already been published an d what publishers have accepted in the past. Youll also know what readers within that genre like- the types of characters, plots, etc.Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you.Zadie SmithThe writing life is essentially one of solitary confinement – if you cant deal with this you neednt apply.Will SelfThis concept is especially difficult for many authors, particularly those who have family responsibilities and who write from home. Theres really no good way to deal with it, and lets face it- reading over the biographies of famous authors of the past, you can find many examples of failed marriages and ruined relationships.However, if you dont protect the time and space in which you write, youll likely never get anything written. Interruptions to your creative process can set you back each time they happen, until you lose the moment completely and nothing gets done. This includes online and social med ia interruptions, by the way, which leads us to the next tip.Its doubtful that anyone with an internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction.Jonathan FranzenWork on a computer that is disconnected from the internet.Zadie SmithBe honest- how often do you keep social media and text notifications on while sitting at your workspace to write? If this is a habit for you (as it is with most people), end it. Beyond the inconsequential social media updates that most of us spend too much time reading, these interruptions are just as bad as offline interruptions. The concept of unplugging in this sense might not be completely true if youre still using a laptop, but at the very least, you should disconnect and unplug from the internet. That funny cat meme or picture of so-and-sos toes on the beach can wait.Always carry a note-book. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.Will SelfHow many times have you been driving your car or out running errands when an idea for your novel struck? If youre like many authors, the creative process goes beyond the time you spend sitting at your laptop or typewriter- it is a constant thought (obsession, even) in your head. So carry a notebook with you to record these thoughts. Dont trust your memory enough to remember it when you get back to your desk, write it down now (or at least as soon as you pull the car over to the side of the road).Read it aloud to yourself because thats the only way to be sure the rhythms of the sentences are OK (prose rhythms are too complex and subtle to be thought out- they can be got right only by ear).Diana AthillIf your character dialogue doesnt sound realistic, that will be obvious as soon as you read it aloud. When we read words aloud, we go slower and pay more attention to the rhythm of the language, which makes reading aloud a great proofing tool to determine if a section is written wel l.Dont tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.Anton ChekhovThis is Writing 101, but writers still tend to forget it. Narration that describes is not nearly as exciting as seeing it through a characters eyes, particularly in unexpected ways. It gives the character more depth, adds deeper levels of metaphor, and sounds new and different to a reader who has read about the moon shining over the lake too often already.You know that sickening feeling of inadequacy and over-exposure you feel when you look upon your own empurpled prose? Relax into the awareness that this ghastly sensation will never, ever leave you, no matter how successful and publicly lauded you become. It is intrinsic to the real business of writing and should be cherished.Will SelfFinally, lets talk about the confidence that is required to finally let someone read your precious manuscript. This part is difficult for even the most seasoned writers because really, it is a process of laying your soul bare (since your heart and soul was put into that manuscript in the first place). Just keep in mind that in releasing your writing to be read by an audience, you will inevitably feel inadequate and overly critical of yourself and your work. Swallow those feelings and give it to your reader anyway. Their reaction will almost always be better than you anticipated.

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Why is Walmart considered to be a channel captain Essay

Why is Walmart considered to be a channel captain - Essay Example Walmart is also a channel captain because it has been in the industry for a long time now. It is well aware of the vendors, inventory, resources, cost-effective yet efficient means of transport, and the ever-changing expectations of the consumers with respect to creativity and innovation. Walmart is capable of utilizing this experience to invest in profitable plans. â€Å"With the rise in power of national chain stores and private-brand merchandise, many large retailers such as Wal-Mart are taking a leadership role in the channel† (Pride and Ferrell 403). Walmart knows how to get quality products made that provide value to the consumers while keeping the costs low so as to not only make good profit but also keep the consumers satisfied. To summarize, Walmart is a channel captain because of its huge number of outlets spread all over the world, its strong image as a cheap and well-equipped retailer, and its high purchasing

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Western Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Western Art - Essay Example Classical architecture is based on the ‘symbolism’; a unit which is designed by categorization is mainly by the type of column used. Each order use to designed from the column, plus its base, plinth, or pedestal (if any), the crowning feature of the shaft, and the attractive horizontal member that triumphs of column, divided into three bands—architrave, frieze, and cornice. The Greeks used to have three orders, to get progressively slimmer and more ornately decorated: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, named after regions of Greece in which they are said to have been first used. The Romans later added two more orders—Tuscan, a starker form of Doric, and Composite, the richest of all. It was the combination of the features of Ionic and Corinthian—but Corinthian was the representation of the great order of the imperial Rome. Vitruvius discussed the orders, and from this resulted in the revival of the idea which represented their proportions and detailing which were codified and demonstrated in countless architectural treatises. Neolithic architecture appeared around 5500 to 8000 BC but there has been some evidence indicating that early Neolithic architecture appeared as early as 10000 BC in Syria and Iraq. Early Neolithic people especially in Mesopotamia were great builders who primarily used mud bricks to raise houses. More often than not these houses were painted with intricate landscapes of humans and animals probably depicting the way life were led in those times. These people also made elaborate tombs for their dead, a very good example of which is the Mane Braz megalithic tomb in Brittany, France. Stonehenge  is a  primitive  monument  located in the  English  county of  Wiltshire, which is the most famous prehistoric sites of world; Stonehenge is  earthworks  surrounded with large standing stones in a circular setting.  Archaeologists  believed that the iconic stone monument was erected around 2500 BC. Now if we

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The Second World War (WWII) :: World War 2 II Two

World War 2 Introduction World War 2 was one of the many wars that occurred during the 20th century. During this brutal war many countries, people, and history were changed. The factors that encourged the Germans and Japanese forces allowed them to take over other countries and kill many of people. Now, years later, from a different point of view, the Germans and Japanese accomplished nothing but just killing innocent people. The greediness behind the Germans and Japanese in the 20th century would change everybodys lives forever. How Did This War Start The Germans had a powerful army in the 1930's. They had a very powerful leader named Adolf Hitler. He was a greedy man who wanted everyone blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wanted everyone the same and to be the only leader in the world. Hitler started his conquest for land in 1938 when he annexed Austria. He followed this by threatening Czechoslovakia. When Hitler increased his demands on the Czechs, war seemed almost certain. The British and French had meetings with Hitler and Mussoluni but they could not stop them from putting demands on other country's. Soon after the meetings Hitler captured Czechoslovakia and seized a former German port. He moved on by putting demands on Poland and the Polish Corridor. In September 1939 France and Britain agreed to support Poland and they soon declared war with Germany. How Did The US Get IntoThe War First of all Japan has no natural resources in their country. So being that they replied on their oil products from the US. In July 27 1941, President Roosevelt stopped all trading with the Japanese. That meaning now that Japan has no fuel to run their military forces. Japan forces then went and attacked the East Indies and took over all of their fuel. Shell was the company that owned most of the fuel products in the East Indies. Shell's head office was in England which led European forces to be in the war against Japan and Germany. When the US stopped trading with Japan they took this as a hostile act but, Japan still tried to make peace with them. A Japan ambassador even asked for a peace discussion with the secretary of state. The meeting did not go threw with the 2 nations. Japan then attacked Atu (an island off of Alaska) in hopes to draw the American forces up North. Japan was wrong , but soon after this they planned out a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour (a military base for the Americans in Hawaii). The Americans had a small idea that the Japanese might attack them. On the Morning of December 7, 1941 a flight of planes were detected, but the people in Pearl Harbour were told that they were US fighter planes coming in

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A Close Critical Reading of Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish” Essay

Humans do not only learn from each other’s experiences. Sometimes, things in nature create within an observer or participant of a phenomenon in nature, a profound realization about life. Elizabeth Bishop’s â€Å"The Fish† shares to the reader a said effect. The poem describes a simple fishing experience, but the event, prompted by a particular fish that the speaker catches, awakens within him a sense of awe as to the worth of the otherwise everyday sea creature. The narrative poem has a simple story. It is about someone who goes fishing one day. After the speaker catches the fish, however, it becomes an object of curiosity for him. The introspection begins an internal struggle as to whether he should keep the fish or not. In the end, he chooses to throw it back into the sea. Using a number of literary devices, however, Bishop is able to dramatize through words the internal struggle and in the process, illuminates and heightens the ordinary experience. The fish, for one, is not described as an object. It is referred to as a â€Å"he†. This personification, however, is not to give the fish human attributes but to clue the reader that the poem is about more than catching a fish. The fish remains a fish all throughout the poem, but it is in the speaker’s mind that it becomes symbolic and therefore to be treated as an ordinary fish by the reader. More than this, it is actually the imagery, the similes and metaphors, which the writer uses to physically describe the fish that appeals the reader’s senses and sympathy for the fish which, in turn, lifts the poem to its higher meaning. â€Å"He (the fish) didn’t fight† (5) when the speaker catches him. Its skin is like â€Å"like wallpaper†¦stained and lost through age† (13-15). On its jaw â€Å"hung five old pieces of fish-line†¦all their five big hooks/grown firmly in his mouth† (51, 54-55). This set of imagery suggests that this particular fish is old and has fought a lot of battles already. Its body has suffered the scars of past struggles and is battle-worn. The simile of the five fish hooks as being compared by the poet to â€Å"medals with their ribbons†¦a five-haired beard of wisdom† (61, 63) recalls to the reader’s mind the medals on the suit of a five-star general who has fought wars and come out of them battle-scarred yet proud of every ribbon and scar. There is a tone of respect upon the speaker for the fish. At this point in the poem especially, the second half of the long single-stanza, there is an irony in the transformation of the creature from ordinary fish in the first line to the revered creature in the latter part of the poem. This reverence is what convinces the speaker to â€Å"let the fish go† (76). The act of letting go, too, is another ironic event in that any fisherman would not let go of something he has worked hard to get. But to the poet, it is not a waste of effort because it is a show of his respect for the fish. After staring at the fish for a long time, â€Å"victory filled up/ the little rented boat† (65-66), the speaker expresses. It is a score of victory for the fish because its scars have convinced the speaker that this fish has fought all its life and now deserves respect for being a survivor. Ultimately, the poem could be seen as an allegory to the beauty of a survivor’s ugly scars and physical deformities. The fish, with its rough skin â€Å"infested with tiny white sea-lice† (19) hanged with â€Å"rags of green weed† (21) and â€Å"five old pieces of fish-line† (51) stuck in its mouth, has grown ugly with age. Yet, these marks are not simply brought about by age but from years of struggling and freeing itself from past attempts of other fishermen to catch it. Those are its own marks of beauty and honor. Reference: Bishop, Elizabeth. â€Å"The Fish†.

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The Long, Bitter Trail - 1195 Words

Samuel Pinkhasov The Long, Bitter Trail The Indian Removal Act was very controversial during its time, receiving influence from individuals, local, state and mostly by the federal government. This act gave the president, Andrew Jackson, the authority to make transactions with Indian tribes in the Southern region of the United States. The Indian Removal Act was a deal made by President Andrew Jackson with the Indian tribes, forcing them to leave their occupied land, which happened to be federal territories west of the Mississippi River. President Andrew Jackson’s primary method in Indian Removal was his speech to Congress regarding his opinions on the act, which included many positive outcomes that would happen if the Indians were to leave the territory. He claimed that this act would not only benefit the United States as a whole, but it would also benefit the Indian people. This benefit was called â€Å"Manifest Destiny† or the idea of the United States expanding its territories from the Atlantic Ocean to th e Pacific. This expansion would benefit the country not just economically, but agriculturally as well. However, â€Å"Manifest Destiny† was only an idea, and in order for this idea to become a reality, the governments had to take action. This action in entirety was the removal of the Indian tribes from the southern regions, making them travel through very harsh conditions so that Americans could settle in their former homeland. Overall, the American government wanted to rid theShow MoreRelatedThe Long, Bitter Trail, Andrew Jackson And The Indians Essay1292 Words   |  6 Pageswere now under the control of the United States government. As the population continued to climb in numbers, individuals along with the United States government decided to take actions for the removal of these natives. Throughout the book, The Long, Bitter Trail, Andrew Jackson and the Indians by: Anthony F.C. Wallace, the events leading up to, during, and the effects of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Read MoreChildhood Memories of the Mountain Essay1176 Words   |  5 PagesSpruce and maple trees wiz by as I look out the backseat window. Beside me is my twin brother, Tim, and up in the front are my dad and sister of six, Charlotte. Our destination is a mountain in northern Vermont, Camel’s Hump. It’s a long drive, the longest I’ve been on in my short three year life. My dad has decided to introduce nature to his children while they are young. We will climb this mountain this weekend, and many times in the future. My dad will take us up this mountain more than a dozenRead More Ameican Cowboys Essay1538 Words   |  7 Pages). People came from everywhere to become cowboys. Some came from eastern American states, others from the Midwest, and the rest came from states in the South. They came to work on ranches and drive cattle on the trail. ?Many were ex-rebel sol diers who maintained that attitude on the trail. There was also a flood of renegades from both north and south that went to Texas. This is how Texas got a reputation for lawlessness and violence? (The Cowboys). Being a cowboy, for some, had a special status. CowboysRead MoreDescriptive Essay - My Family And I Were Vacationing1565 Words   |  7 Pagesgraduation trip in the summer of 2014. The Caines Head Coastal Trail, in Seward Alaska, was designated as one of the top 20 hikes in Alaska so we could not pass up the opportunity to adventure into the Alaskan wilderness (Best Hiking in Alaska). The trailhead begins at the entrance of the rainforest. The trail continues along the rocky shores of Resurrection Bay and then ascends to Fort McGilvray. Although, the first two miles of the trail was easy, the vivid green colors of the natural forest floorRead More The Trail of Tears Essay2169 Words   |  9 PagesThe Trail of Tears â€Å"The Trail of Tears† was a despicable event in American history because of our government’s inhumane treatment of the Cherokee Nation. To the Cherokee Nation, the journey west, called by them â€Å"The Trail Where We Cried,† was a bitter pill forced upon them by a state and federal government that cared little for their culture or society, and even less about justice. To the white settlers, it meant expanding horizons, hope, dreams of riches, and a new life. It wasRead More Jack Londons To Build a Fire Essay example1103 Words   |  5 PagesJack Londons To Build a Fire In his short story entitled To Build a Fire, Jack London portrays a bitter conflict between man and nature. The nature in this story is the harsh environment of the Yukon Trail. London chose to use nature as the antagonist, almost as a force working against the main character in his struggle for survival. London accomplished this personification of nature by giving the environment many human characteristics, by creating numerous thingsRead MoreMajor General Benedict Arnold Is Without A Shadow Of A Doubt1299 Words   |  6 Pageshistorians even believed that it was doomed from the beginning as the trail to Quebec was long and deadly. Even when Arnold reached Quebec the cold wet weather lead to disease and discontent within his regiment. Things soon turned for the worse as an intercepted British letter told of more redcoat reinforcements were on the way. Arnold elected to postpone the attack until his backup, Colonel Montgomery, showed up. But the trail up to Quebec had not been very nice to Colonel Montgomery forces who showedRead MoreTheme Of A Fire By Jack Londons911 Words   |  4 Pagesthe idea of represents about the way we think in a dire situation. The opening scene establishes our main character’s inability or lack of care towards his own survival. ‘To Build a Fire’ begins with our main character, a man, hiking the Yukon trail on a bitter cold day. He had no supplies and did not care. â€Å"It was a clear day, and yet there seemed an intangible pall over the face of things, a subtle gloom that made the day dark, and that was due to the absence of sun. This fact did not worry the manRead MoreEssay about Critical Analysis of Beowulf997 Words   |  4 Pagesliquid gold and it stung Grendels ears. He howled a mournful, drawn-out growl in pain. After several days of the Earthwalkers continuous celebration, Grendel was becoming steadily impatient, thirsting for retribution. How he longed to taste the bitter, metallic blood that coursed through their veins, and how his whole body ached to cause mayhem. The enormous demon was growing weary of hearing about how the world was created. He was tired of them drinking, and celebrating, all while he sufferedRead MoreNative Indians And The Native Americans1491 Words   |  6 Pagesaround and never had a place they could love and call a home. Indian Territory a place of peace for the Native Americans somewhere they could stay and not be bothered. The downside to this territory was that the Indians could not preserve it for so long until settlers started to want the land.†Subsequent treaties and laws gradually reduced the size of the territory† (Powers 1). The reduction of Indian Territory gradually decreased at a fast rate. For Example, due to the settlers pushing the government